Cape Care Route

Juxtaposed against the backdrop of Table Mountain and our Two Oceans is the sprawling reality of our townships which are a crucible of the world’s most pressing problems. Emerging out of these harsh circumstances are inspiring examples of hope. The Cape Care Route showcases some of the projects where people are caring for the environment and for each other. Initiated for the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, this Trail of Two Cities celebrates the partnerships that bring prosperity to both planet and people.

So if you’re the type of visitor who wants to experience the soul and character of a destination, if you want to meet local communities and understand their challenges and aspirations for the future, then head out on the Cape Care Route. You’ll be impressed by the initiatives happening on the other side of town. We do these tours with great care and sensitivity, so that it does not seem that we are on a joyride.

Our tours are intensely information-driven- we contextualize the townships from a historical perspective. We talk about who created them and for whom, what is happening there now and what is the outlook for the future. We visit community centers where there are government-funded skills development programmes resulting in small businesses and job creation. You are taken on a walk of the township by a local community guide, so there is interaction and personal contact with locals at a kindergarten, a tavern (pub) craft markets where you can buy direct from where it is made and a restaurant where you may enjoy a drink and wholesome, tasty traditional food.

We also learn about social trauma such as AIDS and how abuses such as rape, violence and drug addiction is being addressed and dealt with. We visit a self-help building scheme started by a group of women who built their own homes from a plan, using a spirit level and a tape measure! They travel all over the country and indeed Africa to transfer these skills under the Governments Reconstruction and Development Programme. Food Gardens, recycling of waste from sports venues and youth centers are also on the itinerary.

Choose any of the following three trials. Listed are just a few of the destinations on each trail:

Urban Trail

Oude Molen Village
Aim is to demonstrate how under-utilised public assets (land and buildings) can be used in an integrated way to provide business and employment opportunities.

Tsoga Environmental Centre
Works closely with local community on issues such as littering, food gardening and greening of parks. Township walk with a local guide.

Victoria Mxenge
See the homes that were designed and built through the energy of woman who saved money and went to trade school andacquired skills.

Southern Trail

Adventure Kalk Bay
The wives of the local fisherman are involved in this project where they conduct walking tours of this historical village. They specially prepare a home-cooked meal so this is a great place for lunch. Meet the incoming fishing boats and hear stories about life at sea.

Noordhoek Training Centre
Offering a variety of training in skills for the making of pottery, furniture, clothing and wax candles, thus empowering people to take care of themselves.

Northern Trail

Golden Flowers
A one-one success story, where he makes beautiful flowers from empty tin cans and is now fully self-dependent.

Abalimi Bezekhaya
Teaching people to grow their own food and supplying locals with trees and shrubs to green their areas. A peace park that unites the people of Khayelitsha.

Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum
First in SA to tell the story of life under the migrant labour Laws of the past, and the hope of a better life is evident in your walking tour of this interesting township. Buy crafts and taste local beer called ‘umqombothi’- made from Maize.


Half Day – R490 per person
Full Day – R840 per person